Regent London

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Regent London
12 Buckingham Street
London WC2N 6DF
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0) 20 7872 6620

Courses Available

Regent London is a premium English language school with over 45 years’ experience in delivering high quality English language training to individuals and corporate clients.

Located in a peaceful street in the heart of the city centre, Regent London offers an ideal learning environment focused and ambitious students.

What makes us stand out from other schools is our approach to teaching. Our courses are designed to teach English as a life skill, placing emphasis on confidence and language fluency.

The classes are very interactive with a strong focus on speaking practice. All students make weekly filmed presentations to their classes. We also assign all full-time students a personal coach whom they discuss their progress and set and reassess learning goals.

This means that although they are in a class of six or 12, students very much appreciate the personal attention we give them.