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London Is Open

London is open for a haircut, a coffee, a movie and most importantly for face to face English language courses! Life in our beautiful city is slowly and steadily opening up and we are getting used to a ‘new normal’ …

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A person is making fashion sketches using colored pencils and felt pens.


Learning English in London: a life-changing experience

“My first English course in 2009 was my milestone of becoming who I am now.” Angela from Spain, who obtained a Master’s Degree at Chelsea College of Arts and is currently working for Central Saint Martins, shares how learning English in …

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Two young women are looking at the horizon from Tate Modern Switch House.

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5 things not to miss while studying English in London

Studying in London is more than just taking an English language course. It is an all-round experience that will stay with you forever. From the friends you make, to your time in the classrooms, to the food you eat, the …

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Models walk the runway dressed in clothes from Alexander McQueen at London Fashion Week.

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London: the ideal city for creatives

London is today, more than ever, in the spotlight. Arguably one of the most renowned fashion and design hubs in the world, the capital’s creative industry is one of its biggest sectors. Both UK and international designers come to the …

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